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David Urteago

Contact Information

3710 Rawlins, Suite 1050
Dallas Texas 75219
Office: (214) 329-0151
Fax (214) 329-4076

David Urteago

David B. Urteago is of counsel with The Pettit Law Firm. His practice is primarily focused on representing homeowners against large financial institutions.

Since the beginning of his practice, he has focused on issues of contract law and consumer law. Mr. Urteago first began his career as a defense attorney, often defending clients from allegations of breach of contract and deceptive trade practices.

Mr. Urteago graduated cum laude with a B.A. in English from Loyola University Chicago and attended law school at the Texas Tech University School of Law. Mr. Urteago graduated from law school cum laude, and while there he was a member of the Estate Planning and Community Property Law Journal.

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