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The attorneys at the Pettit Law Firm practice the following types of civil litigation:

  • Real Estate Litigation. The Pettit Law Firm handles disputes that can occur between owners and realtors, engineers, lenders, borrowers, contractors and others involved in real estate transactions and in a construction project.  This area of our litigation often involves claims of fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and breach of contract. 
  • Business Litigation.  Our business litigation lawyers are experienced in all types of business disputes, including disputes with joint venture partners, shareholders, suppliers, employers and employees, as well as intellectual property disputes, funding disputes, real estate disputes, and more.  Business disputes must be addressed effectively and strategically by companies of all sizes, as well as by the owners and officers of such companies and individuals.
  • Partnerships and Corporate Disputes.  The partnership attorneys and corporate litigation attorneys at The Pettit Law Firm can effectively represent your interests in this area of business litigation.  Partnership and shareholder litigation frequently involve the assertion of fiduciary duties, the highest legal duty represented under the law.  The trial attorneys at The Pettit Law Firm have experience in partnership, corporate and fiduciary litigation of all kinds.
  • Creditors’ Rights.  Litigation often involves the clash of competing interests by creditors and debtors.  We have experience in representing these parties in strategic, effective ways.  Creditors have legal rights—including the right to recourse for fraudulent conveyances—that can be asserted in some occasions.
  • Intellectual Property Litigation.  Patents, trade secrets, copyrights and trademarks are assets that provide their owner with not only financial value, but also competitive advantage. However, when these intellectual property assets are infringed or misappropriated, you need an intellectual property litigation attorney on your side. The intellectual property litigation lawyers at The Pettit Law Firm are experienced in enforcing the intellectual property rights of companies and individuals.
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